Privacy and data security is something that we should all be aware of when using the Web. Once data is captured electronically it becomes very easy to modify, analyze, transmit and use in ways that maybe the provider/author of the data did not intend. We have created a privacy policy to should clearly what data we caputure and how we use it.

Your privacy when using (viewing) PeopleAz.org
We capture information from people who visit this site, this includes your IP address ( that number that looks something like, your browser type, computer Operating System, screen size and browser installed applications. We may also if presented to us capture the site or sites that referred you to us ( for example a search engine). We use this data to build a picture on where our visitors are coming from and how they interact with our site. We use this data for trending statistical purposes only, we do not use it to perform any strange or clandestine monitoring. Part of this capture of data we will store a cookie on your browser, so we know if and when you come back - that helps us since if you don't come back maybe we need to improve the site.

Your privacy in relation to the data you submit to peopleAz.org
PeopleAz.org is a people database, so we obviously need to store data. What we don't do is make any claim over the data that is provided to us, when you choose to delete or modify the data. When you submit data to us you are granting us a license to use the data for display on the sites pages. We may also use this data for analytical purposes and trending to understand better how data is being accessed and to improve the site. We will never sell or allow a third party to access this data without your consent. If you decide that details that you have submitted are no longer applicable then you can delete it and that's it the data will be permanently removed from our servers. We keep all our data in strong secure data centers, with restricted access to only people who need to.

Third Party Cookies
We may use third parties for web analytics and advertising. We can not unfortunately control how they use the browsing data however if you have concerns then please contact us and we will investigate on your behalf. We do scrutinise all third party relationships to ensure that they satisfy our data security and privacy standards.
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